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Custom t-shirts, polos, headwear, long sleeves, shorts, pants, hoodies and so much more! Consider us your printer and partner. We are a one-stop print shop that will turn your dreams into reality. Our motto is “you grow, WE GROW”!

  • We offer rush services

  • We have a highly experienced team

  • We have a massive selection of products

  • We have a team of 28 full time team members. 

  • Our screen printing, embroidery, direct to garment, and digital transfers are produced all in-house.

  • Set up a meeting to tour our production facility in Chino Hills and see all the magic in person.


  • Massive selection of blank apparel – We have wholesale accounts open with brands across the USA.

  • Knowledgeable staff – Our team of 23 consists of master craftsmen in screen printing, embroidery, and digital printing.

  • In-house service – Our screen printing, embroidery, and digital printing services are done in-house. Stop by to check it out in person!


Screen printing is best for orders of at least 25 and that will have the same design printed on each t-shirt. The reason being the screen printing machines require a lot of time to setup, so it makes the most sense to print in bulk. We can screen print on the front, back, sleeve, inside tag, and bottom of the t-shirt. We can custom make any ink color, so just let us know the Pantone number! Best of all, you can include numerous styles of garments within your order at no additional cost! In other words, within one order you can have:

  • Red, blue, and black t-shirts
  • Men’s, women’s and youth sizes
  • T-shirts, long sleeves, and sweaters

Last but not least, we provide free mockups so you can be sure your order will come out as expected.

Embroidery has a minimum of just 12. But, just like the other printing techniques, the more you print the more affordable each unit becomes. Embroidery is popular for polos, backpacks, hats, and a customer that would like a professional appearance. Unlike screen printing, embroidery is priced based on the stitch count which means how long it takes the machines to complete. To put it differently, an embroidery design can have multiple colors, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it would be more expensive than a single color.

Embroidery is an awesome technique, but it has its limitations. Keep in mind the embroidery machines are just robots and it’s up to us to determine if it will embroidery well or not. Our team has years of experience, so please contact us and we’ll be happy to make suggestions!

Digital transfers are awesome because they have a low minimum of just 12 and can print in an infinite amount of colors without affecting the price. Digital transfers are printed by an ultra-premium printer onto a thin piece of material called vinyl. Once printed, the material then needs to go through an additional two steps before being applied to the garment. It’s a lengthy process which is why it isn’t suitable for all situations. Our sales reps will definitely advise you if this is the best way to go!

Digital transfers are most popular for athletic style fabrics. The reason is that the print is lightweight which is the way most athletic style fabrics are, so it compliments nicely.

We offer printing, storage, and shipping services through our fulfillment program. This is best for brands that ship at least a couple hundred garments or accessories per month. We will connect to your website so when orders are received you do not have to worry about letting us know! All you have to do is focus on marketing because we take care of the fulfillment for you.

In addition, our software will provide reports for you to view sales trends, inventory levels, and various other tools to help you better understand your customers.

Please contact us to learn more!



Phone: (323) 488-2034


Or, fill out the form below and one of our reps will reply as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to speaking!

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