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Is vinyl a viable option for custom t-shirts in a rush?

//Is vinyl a viable option for custom t-shirts in a rush?

Is vinyl a viable option for custom t-shirts in a rush?

This is a question we get asked frequently so we thought it would be great to talk about it here!
One of the reasons why vinyl is a great option for custom t-shirts in a rush is because of its ability to be applied quickly. It involves very little setup compared to screen printing so if t-shirts are needed in just one business day then this is usually the best way.
T-shirt vinyl comes in:
  • Effects like glow in the dark, reflective, gloss, suede, puff (aka raised), neon, glitter, hologram,
  • Comes in regular for like cotton tees or stretchy for spandex
  • It can be printed in any color and with any design
  • Can have transparent areas of the design
  • Can be put on leather

Check out our friends at Stahls to view the wide selection of vinyl for your custom t-shirts in a rush.

Vinyl is great for people looking for an ultra thin print that is soft hand and when printed via our digital transfer machine, you can print in infinite colors with awesome clarity! The only drawback is it’s not ideal for thin designs or fonts such as cursive. It is applied with a permanent adhesive so we need to ensure there is enough surface area for the adhesive to bond properly.
For example, these fonts are bad:
Bad fonts for vinyl
But these are great:
Good fonts for vinyl
And, so is this:

Design For Vinyl T-Shirts



Digital transfers are a thin material that is priced on a per square inch basis. The bigger the design then the bigger the price it will be to print on a t-shirt.

Other factors that affect the price are:

  • Print locations
  • Type of garment
  • Type of vinyl
  • Turn around

Most customers prefer to have the vinyl be small and with transparent areas because it feels the softest and would be most affordable.

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