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CSS: Customer Supplied T-Shirts

//CSS: Customer Supplied T-Shirts

CSS: Customer Supplied T-Shirts

Customer Supplied T-Shirts

We classify garments two ways:

  1. Customer supplied t-shirts
  2. Garments we supply

Customers sometimes want to print on their favorite shirt or have a source for blank t-shirts they love. We think this is awesome which is why we offer no additional screen printing cost on customer supplied t-shirts. To put it differently, pricing stays the same regardless if you supply the garments or we do. Here are some great resources for purchasing your own t-shirts:

Before ordering the t-shirts please contact us  so we can advise if the t-shirt is printable. We suggest this in order to avoid the situation of the t-shirts arriving and then us realizing it won’t be screen printable. In addition, let us know the price you are going to purchase the shirt for, because we may be able to save you money by purchasing it from one of our shirt vendors. When you place the order we ask you to email us the PO which includes the t-shirt quantities, styles, colors, and tracking number(s).

Mistakes may happen so we ask for you to supply extra to compensate. Our error rate is 3% so order extra if an exact count is needed.

Please ship to our production center in Chino:
  • 14762 Central Ave.
  • Chino CA 91710

On the other hand, if you would like for us to supply then check out these popular brands:

To get the ball rolling on a quote let us know the shirt style number, quantity and email us your design! Keep in mind that the t-shirt price is separate from the printing price, so include various styles of garments at no additional printing price.

Thank you for reading this post about our customer supplied t-shirts policy!

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